"We should call every truth false which was not accompanied by at least one laugh" - Friedrich Nietzsche

The problem with false economies is that they're just that...things that seem prudent at the time...yet come back, when you least expect it, pointing fingers and saying "I told you so". Case in point, for quite some time now it's been apparent that a void existed in my life...a gap that could only be filled by a laptop bag that would hold all of my tech gear and (important point) be able to be carried...lifted...and schlepped through an airport without causing an injury.

False economy (that little swine) caused me to buy bags that were (in no particular order)...pretty...vaguely practical...great for the weekend/bad for the laptop...massively over-sized...black. None of which, sadly, fulfilled my requirements. A while ago I found a bag that I thought would meet all my needs but f.e. (that little swine) convinced me that it was too expensive. And so, "economy" set in...and I bought all of the other bags that were (to quote the immortal Goldilocks) "almost right".

A week or so ago...in the battle of Heb vs false economy...I found myself faced, once again, by the-bag-that-was-perfect-yet-too-expensive. This time, false economy was caught unawares by a nifty uppercut, and hit the ground.

Yes, Louis Vuitton's icare is...expensive. But...it's practical...everything fits...I'm not in pain five seconds after I pick it up...and...it will last forever. Am I rationalizing? Yes...because I do feel a little guilty about this purchase. Have I learned my lesson...that false economies cost more in the long run...I'd have to say yes to that as well.



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  • Smokey Eyes said...
    12:17 PM
    I am loving that Louis bag! What a wonderful way to travel in luxury. Louis is definitely my dream bag :)
  • Mia L. said...
    6:07 AM
    love it. the initials make it even more special :)

    xx m

  • ANNA said...
    6:45 AM
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  • ANNA said...
    6:47 AM
    P.S.: This Vuitton Bag is so fuckingamazingbeautiful.... awwwww, im so jealous!!! :))
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  • Buy and Sell said...
    2:08 AM
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  • mobb said...
    10:33 PM
    gotta love that bag.:D
  • Taylor M said...
    1:20 PM
    Love it! Enjoy every minute wearing it. I went through the same rationalizing process but I don't regret my purchase for a second :)
  • Handbags Online said...
    7:30 PM
    Nietzsche has a prodigy in you - a humorous account of what we all go through especially when trying to find room in the closet for that new handbag (f.e.) - practicality and handbag, do they belong in the same sentence?
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