It's been awhile...but a new season is ahead

Yes, quite an amount of time has passed since my last post. Maybe I had nothing to say...maybe I had too much.

Anyway, with a new season's clothes about to appear in stores it seemed like a good time to start posting again. I'm focusing on my "character" or theme for 06. I like to try and have a central story in my wardrobe, though of course allow myself the luxury of days that are off (I'm a sailor, a soldier, a beggar, a thief).

Last season I was feeling very French. Perhaps it's better to say I was focusing in on what the classic concept of French chic is...or at least my idea of that classic. The picture on the right is an example. I think for Spring/Summer I'm going to continue this.

I will be the girl on the vintage bicycle wearing a full skirt and ballet flats.

I will be Catherine Deneuve.

I will be the girl walking through Paris in the rain...passionate, dark, and brooding...and effortlessly cool!

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