It's been awhile...but a new season is ahead

Yes, quite an amount of time has passed since my last post. Maybe I had nothing to say...maybe I had too much.

Anyway, with a new season's clothes about to appear in stores it seemed like a good time to start posting again. I'm focusing on my "character" or theme for 06. I like to try and have a central story in my wardrobe, though of course allow myself the luxury of days that are off (I'm a sailor, a soldier, a beggar, a thief).

Last season I was feeling very French. Perhaps it's better to say I was focusing in on what the classic concept of French chic is...or at least my idea of that classic. The picture on the right is an example. I think for Spring/Summer I'm going to continue this.

I will be the girl on the vintage bicycle wearing a full skirt and ballet flats.

I will be Catherine Deneuve.

I will be the girl walking through Paris in the rain...passionate, dark, and brooding...and effortlessly cool!


This is just too easy

Initially I would only shop in stores. I liked the whole experience and wanted to be able to touch and, in the case of handbags, smell the product before I bought it. My theory was that if you're going to spend a lot of money on clothing you should get your money's worth. Then I tried online shopping and it was a different, but not wholly bad experience. The sensory portion was almost entirely gone but there were no snotty sales assistants and I could comparison shop quickly and easily. Although I still won't buy shoes online (too many slight variations that can cause agonizing pain the first time you put them on) my handbag fetish ran amok.

Now I've discovered something far easier; the telephone. I saw an APC cape in a magazine...I've wanted a cape for several years now. I tried to get my hands on a Miu Miu one but it proved elusive. I checked APC's website but, no cape. Several other very nice items but, no cape. I called. Within 5 minutes (yes, 5 minutes...maximum) I not only bought the cape but ALL the other pieces I saw on the website. This could be dangerous. Very, very dangerous. the lowest bidder

It's that time of the year again. Yes, the days of the final markdown are upon us. Purchases made during this time fall under several categories:

1) the elusive "I've wanted this all season but it was so overpriced that I wouldn't buy it...until now."
2) the more frequent "I like this. I managed to hold out when it was only marginally reduced but, come on, it's 70% off now. I have to buy it!"
3) the all too often "Sale! Sale! Sale!!"

Happily, my purchases during the last few weeks have fallen into one of the first two categories. I picked up a lovely, just below the knee, full skirt made of vintage fabric at Barneys. In muted blues and greys with birds sitting amongst floral trellis' it's a little like a sofa cover but, I have to say, it's amazingly wearable. With a black cotton shirt and a blue/grey thin cotton v-neck sweater I can wear it to work and manage to feel appropriate but still me.

So, there I was. I'd managed to successfully navigate the sales without too much wear and tear on either myself or my credit card. Then it came in the mail. discounts...50% off the sale price. I'm sorry, did someone say 50% off the "sale" price? At that point you really can't not go and at least look. Can you? Well, your willpower may be stronger than mine but I couldn't. And there, amidst the flotsam and jetsom of unwanted merchandise I saw it. A Miu Miu tote bag, canvas with leather trim. Suede and canvas badges attached. 1930's meets 1960's in browns, oranges, and taupe. I'd been eyeing pictures of it in magazines all Spring but the original $800 was too much for a canvas bag, but now...


Where to begin...

How do I start off? With a bang...or a whimper? Bang! Lanvin Spring 2005. Not only an incredible outfit but modelled by Louise Pedersen, one of my favorite models.

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