Doe a deer, a female deer...Chanel, a bag I want to hurt

The back story...since I was a mere slip of a girl I've had a list...not exactly a dream list because I was confident that at some point the items on the list would be, let's say an "at some point I'm going to be able to afford this if it kills me" list. And, as I type this today, I'm rather surprised to be able to say that a good chunk of my list is crossed out...mainly due to some incredible feats of luck (and stalking) during sales; it's wonderful what three or four markdowns can do for an item's accessability. So, sales took care of the Lucien Pellat-Finet cashmere Mickey Mouse skull sweater and the Chanel jacket...okay, the Chanel cardigan jacket but at the price I got it for was I really going to be a stickler? The Hermes watch can probably be attributed to girlish enthusiasm...or temporary insanity...or something.

That removed most of the fiendishly expensive items on the list except...a Chanel bag. I want one but I want it so that I can mis-treat it. I want to stuff it full, throw it on the floor, generally abuse it in all possible way and then, when the poor thing can take no more, doodle on it or pin badges to it. It's premeditated bag-abuse, I admit it. The question they don't go on sale, can I put down that much money for something I want to trash? I went into the Chanel store on my way home today and, despite the overly enthusiastic sales assistants, I left after simply fondling a couple of the bags. Nothing caught my eye and begged to be taken home but, if it did, would I have had the courage/madness to carry out my plan? I can face the idea of Ramen Noodles for a few months to pay for the thing but will guilt stand in the way?

Stay tuned as I feel this will be an ongoing battle between the devil on one shoulder and the (slightly tarnished) angel on the other...


Silence...but it's not so golden...

Just wanted to do a quick post to apologize for the lack of posts...I know, strange logic...and yet more confirmation that the British are an apologetic nation... Hopefully work will even out and my posting routine will be back to normal after today. At that time my moods will so perfectly, and beautifully, illustrated by Diane Kruger...


Truth in advertising?

I understand the need for spiel...actually, on occasion, I positively like spiel e-mail inbox was assaulted today with some advertising-speak that I couldn't let pass by...

Example number 1 - this email started with the lines "Banana Republic...Since you are one of our best customers, we thought you would like to know about Rachel Zoe's favorite sandals of the season at Piperlime."

Here are my issues:

1) I haven't bought anything at Banana Republic in over 9 if I qualify for "best customer" status it's not surprising they are having financial woes.
2) These may be Rachel Zoe's favorite sandals (maybe...just possibly), but they are certainly not mine.
3) The "tall wedge"...need I say more?

Example number 2 - quite frankly, I didn't get beyond the subject line...

Instant style? AND free shipping?


On the dot

It may be a throwback to nursery school but there's something perpetually right and comforting about basic shapes and colors. Stripes, of course, are a given...but so, to me at least, is the humble polka dot.

Is it possible to be less than cheerful if you're wearing something spotted? Plus, look at all the dot subsets...the cute dot...the 60's dot...even the "I'm tougher than I look" dot (as illustrated by the coat on the right)...
At the moment I'm rather taken by this polka-dot dress from the Gap...even though the Grecian sandals and Prell-girl hair are pretty much the antithesis of my style. With some modifications though...ballet flats...t-shirt underneath...cropped jacket...I could see this being very "modern but arty dot"...


Wishing you a joyeux little anniversaire...

Birthday enthusiast that I am I would love throw myself into celebrating Colette’s 10th year of existence…if only everything I liked wasn’t so expensive. I guess I’ll just have to make an exceedingly premature birthday wish for myself and indulge in some drooling on my laptop...especially for the Repetto ballet flats...

And for something a little more up tempo than the regular b'day tunes, check out some music from Colette's birthday CD.

Repetto - Caperino & Peperone Ballerina

Lucien Pellat-Finet cashmere sweater

Treizor Bow-Tie Set


Mad dogs and Englishmen go out in the midday sun

Our high temperature today will be around 80, which raises two points…

Number one, whatever happened to Spring? I have a collection of lightweight coats yearning to be worn but when the seasons change so dramatically there’s very little need for them.

Number two, even though it’s March...has the time come to switch into warm-weather skincare mode? I’m neurotically obsessed with avoiding as much sun damage as possible, so the SPF 15 that I wear during the winter gets upgraded to 40 or so during the summer. Additional protection comes from the moment I have my eye on my husband’s Panama...and parasols. Ever since I saw Robert Capa’s photograph of Picasso holding a beach umbrella over Francoise Gilot as she walked along the beach at Golfe-Juan I’ve connected parasols with romance. Unfortunately I’ve failed to convince my husband to follow in Picasso’s sandy footsteps so I’ve had to downsize my ideal to the self-held variety.

I would love to find a Victorian parasol in a good enough condition to use but this has proved more difficult than I I’ve been making do with the Chinese paper ones, which are fun but lack a certain elegance. However, I recently came across these lace parasols and I think I need to get a black one to add to my collection. Admittedly, they’re not the most practical choice in terms of providing shelter from the sun but they do have the romance, the crafty side of me is saying that I could try to add a lining under the lace...perhaps acid yellow peeking through the black?


Should I be worried?

How do you know when you have too many handbags? When your friends send you “handbag humor"...


A wellie by any other name would smell as sweet...

The Sartorialist has done it again...wellie-lovers of the world unite! I know that I'm probably beating a dead horse at this point but...(insert whinneying here)...

If you want to join in the wellie worship may I suggest paying a visit to Hunter's many options, so few puddles to splash through.


Saturday's child works hard for a living

Yesterday was one of those days where, however you looked at it, clothing-wise I just wasn’t going to win. I had to go into the office and, as my bleary eyes looked into my closet (6am on a Saturday is never good) I couldn’t face jeans. A smock dress from H&M and some ribbed leggings from Anthropologie seemed like an easy did the vintage scarf I added to keep out the morning chill.

So far, so good...then I got to work...and was greeted with “you’re very dressed up today”. Riddle me this, Batman. Why are tracksuit bottoms or jeans the only things that a certain segment of society wears on the weekend? Is it the urge to belong, to be part of a group? Or just laziness or lack of interest? Either way, why make it my problem? I’m trying not to sound bitter...I just don’t like being stared at like a sideshow freak because I’m not conforming to someone’s notion of what is acceptable. It makes me want to scream, “if you think this is unusual, you really need to get out more”.

Which brings us to...the afternoon... My husband picked me up from work; as he actually got to stay in bed and sleep this was the first time he’d seen me. And what comment was I greeted with? “That dress makes you look pregnant”. Oddly enough, this didn’t bother me (as much). Though, of course, no woman likes to be told she looks bigger than she is I class this under the “Men and Fashion” category. It’s acknowledged that deep down in their core, men will only get so far into “fashion”...pass that point and it’s every man for himself.

However, it is a little tough on a simple dress shouldn’t cause this much angst.


It’s expensive being a Samourai these days...

I don’t usually write anything about men’s fashion but this t-shirt is so phenomenal that I had to, plus it could be considered unisex so I’m not really cheating. If you’re a movie geek you will recognize Alain Delon as Jeff Costello from the cult Jean-Pierre Melville film, “Le Samourai". If not, it’s just a handsome guy in a trench coat (and who’s going to complain about that?), and you should add the movie to your NetFlix list.

In fact, the only bad thing is the price…as it would be coming from France the combined cost of the shirt and the postage would bring it to about $ I said in the title, it’s expensive being a Samourai these days...


Button, button...who's got the button?

Once again, I left the house without my camera and suffered frustration at missing the opportunity to take a streetstyle picture. I obviously just need to attach it to myself on a string, like a child with its mittens. I blame the urge for co-ordination…if I didn’t try to frantically change handbags at the last minute each morning I’d have time to make sure that I’m actually carrying everything I need.

But to revert to the actual reason for the post…a girl got on the bus this morning wearing a double-breasted, red, vintage coat. So far, so good you say…but, what’s so special? Well, the majority of the gilt buttons on her coat were missing in action and, instead of replacing them with regular run-of-the-mill buttons, the girl had used various badges. The effect was striking…like little works of art spread out upon a bright red canvas. It cheered up my morning commute and made me want to dust off the badge-o-matic 2000.


You say Icon...I say Iqon!

I always enjoy getting the weekly Iqons newsletter. Today, as well as information on selected Iqons, they announced that the site has a new addition, an Iqonography area, a "special section of the site introducing you to blogs and websites from around the world with a unique perspective on fashion, style and creativity in design and culture. From journals of personal style, to online magazines for consumers and industry insiders, each selection contains frequently updated content, and a distinct voice (or voices)".

I’m proud (because I spend a fair bit of time on my blog) and humbled (because there are some incredible blogs on the list) to say that Style…a work in progress was included in the round-up, along with many of the blogs that I enjoy visiting…and others that I now need to check out...thank goodness it's the weekend.


The other Chloe...

I know that the next sentence is tantamount to heresy in some circles but, here goes - I have never really seen the appeal of Chloe Sevigny.

Though I admit that I'm usually a hype-whore I found hers to be just too much...a hypequake whose slightest rumble created shock waves and vibrations but of the "all-mouth-and-no-trousers" variety.

And that's how things stood, until I saw the I always say "Okay, I'm going to be more punk now" layout in selfservice magazine. I'd love to say that it's solely the work of a really great stylist but a good number of the clothes appear to be Chloe's own...maybe I need to revise my opinion, and let the shockwaves wash over me...


COS I got it like that...

One of the stores that opened since I was last in London ,and one that I'm looking forward to checking out when I'm there, is H&M's new venture...COS. I know that for people who live in the UK this may be a bit of a yawn; yet another line of inexpensive, fashion-conscious, basics but, speaking as someone who's based in the U.S, I need all the help in that area that I can get.

The U.S. options in this category are, after all, severely limited...apart from Club Monaco it's pretty much a wasteland if you've looking for something "designed" yet subdued. So I'm hoping COS will turn out to be a sort of lower priced APC and, even though I'm probably setting myself up for disappointment, after looking at the website I'm keeping my fingers crossed. I'll definitely be trying to find the leather jacket shown below and some of the dresses and accessories look well worth a little closer inspection. As always when looking at items online the question is, will the quality of the materials and the workmanship stand up when seen in real-life? Fingers crossed 'cos I have a basic need... know...

I realize it’s a bit of a cliché but I can’t help liking this look. It may be because it’s a Thursday and, let’s face it, at this point in the week we all need a smidgeon of rock and roll…or it may just be my ongoing love affair with disheveled but girly ensembles… Either way, from the red ankle boots to the tunic dress to the necklace it’s girl-in-a-band perfection. For me, it’s not “The Like”…it’s “The Love”.


The font's the thing...

How fortunate are the citizens of Los Angeles? Not only do they have an APC store opening in May on Melrose and Croft but they also have these snazzy t-shirts to celebrate the fact.

I love the sheer, overwhelming mixture of fonts and how good they all look together. How perfect and intriguing this would be peeking out from under a black jacket...


Mr. Clean

I admit it, two words that strike terror in my heart are "chemical" and "peel". I'm fair with relatively sensitive skin so a lot of the harsher beauty products can feel like I'm using bath cleaner. With this in mind, I was a little hesitant to try Kiehl's Over-Night Biological Peel...biological sounded like some kind of warfare and...well, the P word...but I got a sample the last time I was in the store and free trumps cowardice every time.

So last night I tentatively applied the goop and waited for a tingling (moving swiftly to burning) sensation...but I was pleasantly surprised. And this morning, when I washed it off, the surprise continued. I may not be at my best early in the morning but my skin did seem a little less dull, a little more even in color and texture.

I was feeling so glow-y that it seemed a shame to cover it up, but a girl needs SPF. Luckily the purchase which provided the free sample bounty was Kiehl's SPF 15 Tinted Moisturizer. Even though this is classed as lightweight I found it a I watered it down with some of their regular moisturizer. I have to say, the end result wasn't too bad and, for a non-make up girl, I felt very "groomed".


What a welli-gant, swell-igant, party this is…

I love Hunter wellingtons and have always felt that they get a rough deal…they’re the country mouse, looked down upon when they visit their city cousin. But now, thanks to The Sartorialist, we have the poster child for urban wellie wearers. She looks stylish…dry of foot…and sexy…who knew?

Though I don’t look anywhere near as good, this is how I like to wear my wellies…juxtaposed with more urban pieces. Practical clothing is rarely welcomed with open arms, but (to paraphrase) if you can keep your feet dry when all around you are getting soggy…


Rock Lobster

When I was a child we spent several summers in a small fishing village, it wasn't a hotbed of excitement and activity but the food was incredible...lobsters and crabs, all fresh from the sea and in unbelievable quantities. Maybe it's just nostalgia but I can't help falling for Kate Spade's crustacean couture. True, they're a tad cheesy...the fashion equivalent of a stick of rock and a picture postcard...but what's summer without a little kitsch?


600/10 = ?

Okay, prepare yourselves for some severe "fashion math" here...Colette is offering a limited edition of 10 charm necklaces, each with 10 charms for 600 Euros. That breaks down as 60 Euros each for a necklace by les Bijoux des Sophie, Tom Binns, or any of the other 8 designers...

As the woman who couldn't rationalize expensive shoe purchases said, "isn't this a good deal?".


A Sweater for the World

Though it sounds vaguely like the Coke ad from the late seventies/early know, "I'd like to teach the world to sing"...I love the idea behind Antoine Peters' "A Sweater for the World!". Essentially, the concept is this...a two person sweatshirt travels the world and is photographed as various couples wear it...the resulting photographs appear on this case his Fall/Winter 07 collection.

Me watching you, watching me...on my dress.


Flat broke...

I seem to have a talent for finding cute, but horrifically expensive ballet flats. This is one of those skills that has no practical application whatsoever and just ends up being juggling blancmange. To prove the point, my latest finds are these skull flats from Alexander McQueen which sell for $430.

Even my long-standing love affair with skulls couldn't justify that price for a pair of shoes. So I'll just have to lust over the pictures...and try to re-train myself to find cute, inexpensive flats.


Snack Attack

I used to be addicted to Pac-Man and, by the looks of it, Stella McCartney shared my passion. At least judging by the Lady Pac-Man who gobbles her way through Stella's name on her website. One more reason to love Stella...she's got a little inner geek too.


To see ourselves...

O would some power the giftie gie us to see ourselves as others see us.
(O would some power the gift to give us to see ourselves as others see us.)

Robert Burns, Poem "To a Louse" - verse 8

Of course, Burns wasn't talking fashion but an article that I just read on the New York Times website brought the quote to mind. The article discusses interactive mirrors that show a projection of an outfit...for you to virtually try on...and, at the same time, have your friends (or strangers) online give their opinions.

On the one hand, this seems to be a natural progression from what is currently happening. Communities like StyleDiary...or blogs like The Sartorialist...allow us to view and comment on other people's style but, in that scenario, clothing that the person already owns is being discussed. With the virtual mirrors you could have dozens of diverse opinions being thrown at you while you try to decide on an item. Maybe it's the fact that I'm a "lone wolf" kind of shopper but this seems a little daunting. Having one friend's opinion while you shop is one thing, imagine having ten differing ones. Would you ever be able to make a decision?


It's all Greek to me...

Enough of the casual, I'm feeling the need to look at some jewelry...something that will make me feel like a goddess. And what could be more appropriate than this Dominique Aurientis bracelet and earrings from Decades? As they're made up of oak leaves I'd probably have to be a Zeus girl...or as Samuel L. Jackson said in "Die Hard: With a Vengence" -

Zeus Carver: Yeah, Zeus. You know, Mount Olympus, father of Apollo, don't f*** with me or I'll shove a lightning bolt up your ass, Zeus! You got a problem with that?


Day 5…the end is nigh

It is with relief that I say “denim week is over”. Any excitement garnered from wearing jeans to work has evaporated; this morning I felt like a convict reaching for my orange jumpsuit. Does this mean that I’m just extremely jaded or is a fact that any kind of dress code becomes unappetizing after even a few days? If I have to wear something, the thrill is gone…

Today, as the culmination of casual we could also wear sweatshirts. Something that made a lot of people happy but left me cold. I like sweatshirts, but I like to wear them with something unexpected…jeans and a sweatshirt just seems dull, to me at least. Having said that, I was so tired this morning that I decided to go with the flow.

So, for Day 5…a ¾ sleeve lion’s head sweatshirt from APC, H&M plaid shirt, Joe’s jeans, and studded leather peep-toe flats from Anthropologie. The outer layer is a tweed coat from Benetton and striped APC scarf…because why stop with just one pattern?


4th day...4th letter

Maybe it was the overcast skies (I told you, I have a weather fixation) but today seemed to call for blues and greys...

A Nicole Farhi turtleneck tunic sweater, Nathalie Costes oversized wooden necklace, Joe's jeans, and my new grey Gap shoes. Unfortunately, the shoes weren't as comfortable as I hoped; the elasticated back felt like a razor by 2pm. But I'll break them in...or rub my heels off trying. On top of this somewhat painful ensemble...a See by Chloe coat and the scarf from yesterday. And a small break in the color palette...a Marc Jacobs Venetia bag in pomegranite.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketPhoto Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket


One step beyond...the Gap

I promise...I'm not trying to do some kind of theme posting...D-day, Gap, D-day,'s just worked out that way. This Fall those of you in the UK will be lucky enough to encounter non-Gap style Gap clothes...a pre-emptive Summer strike is shown below. For those of us in US the outfit on the right is awfully cute. I don't know, clothes like these...maybe I need to bridge the gap more often.Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket



As I seem to be starting off all of these posts with a synopsis of the day’s weather I may as well continue. We all knew that yesterday’s springtime temperatures were destined to be short lived and, sure enough, the weather forecasters predicted that today was one of those that starts good but goes downhill from there. Is there anything worse that knowing that the highpoint of the day is 5:30am?

Today’s theme was preppy punk. A vintage 80’s batwing argyle sweater from Benetton, ruffle collar Victorian blouse from H&M, Joe’s jeans, fishnets, vintage suede loafers and diamante skull earrings from H&M. My Built by Wendy trench and Harald scarf for when the cool breezes and showers hit and an LV Speedy with a Prada skull trick attached. It sounds strange but my Speedy is the cockroach of the bag can get crushed, squished, and rained on...and it still looks good.

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Walk this way, please

It was such a nice evening that I decided to walk home...I swear, the stores are on the way...I had no choice. And, as my current fetish is with basics I decided to stop into the Gap. I've been on the lookout for some grey flats for a while now. It's one of those things, I kept putting on outfits and thinking "if only I had some grey shoes" it a Pavlovian response but I saw these ballet flats and had to try them on. Not only are they "Lanvin inspired" but they're reasonable and comfortable...and mine.

Now I'm considering the grafitti flats that have a tinge of Luella and the striped flats...because all the nice girls love a sailor.

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