This is just too easy

Initially I would only shop in stores. I liked the whole experience and wanted to be able to touch and, in the case of handbags, smell the product before I bought it. My theory was that if you're going to spend a lot of money on clothing you should get your money's worth. Then I tried online shopping and it was a different, but not wholly bad experience. The sensory portion was almost entirely gone but there were no snotty sales assistants and I could comparison shop quickly and easily. Although I still won't buy shoes online (too many slight variations that can cause agonizing pain the first time you put them on) my handbag fetish ran amok.

Now I've discovered something far easier; the telephone. I saw an APC cape in a magazine...I've wanted a cape for several years now. I tried to get my hands on a Miu Miu one but it proved elusive. I checked APC's website but, no cape. Several other very nice items but, no cape. I called. Within 5 minutes (yes, 5 minutes...maximum) I not only bought the cape but ALL the other pieces I saw on the website. This could be dangerous. Very, very dangerous.


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