"Of all the lessons in life that I've learned the hard way, the ones involving frontal nudity and hot bacon grease seem to be the most enduring..." - unknown

Not much to add really...except that this beef jerky 2.55 is not a follow up to last year's yeti boots (though it would be rather fitting) and is, instead, the work of design student Nancy Wu. If you nab one it's probably best to accessorize with the aforementioned yeti ensemble...and a dab of Chanel Number (K)9 behind each ear...



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  • Jennifer said...
    9:19 PM
    For some reason, the first thing that came to my mind when I saw this was 'Silence of the Lambs': "Puts the lotion on its skin..."
  • 3:44 AM
    To my mind everybody have to glance at this.

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