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It’s 100 degrees outside so it seems like a good time to sit at home in the air conditioning and use some of the beauty products that I love to buy but don’t always get out of the cupboard as often as I should. I recently went to C.O. Bigelow to get some Biotherm Aquasouce Body Mositurizing Spray-Gel (something I use often). Maybe it's because the first time I bought this I was in the South of France but the scent of this moisturizer always makes me think of a sunny, summer day in Nice.
When I stocked up on moisturizer I got a couple of samples, both of which were so good that I'll be heading back to get full-size refills. The summer heat seems to be turning my hair into straw so I was excited, though dubious, about trying Marlies Moller's Overnight Hair Care. I was worried on two counts, 1) that I would wake up and find the majority of the conditioner on my pillowcase instead of my hair, and 2) that it would look so odd that my husband would start making comments about slime monsters. Both concerns were needless; I washed my hair, towelled off the excess moisture, applied the product, and sat reading a book for an hour or so before bed. My hair looked damp (in a just had a swim in the sea kind of way) but not greasy and even though it looked wet it had actually dried enough so that none came off onto the pillows. Next morning, after I'd washed and dried my hair it looked straw in sight.
The second sample was Propoline Sun Care After Milk. I try not to go out in the sun too much, and use SPF 60, so I wasn't sure when I'd get to try this. After an outdoor music festival on Saturday, also in 100 degree heat, I got my chance. As soon as I applied it my skin felt less tight, calmer, and soothed.


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