Getting dress'd

I've never wore dresses much; I like creating outfits from separate pieces and additionally, to be honest, I've never found many dresses that I thought suited me. This Fall however, I seem to be able to buy nothing but dresses. At this point, I have four (yes, four) new dresses in my closet.

A tan, corduroy mini-smock from APC - innocent and cool
A black sweaterdress by Vince (I’m normally not a fan of sweaterdresses as they start off tight around the seating area and then tend to stretch and sag. This one avoids that by being tight in the sleeve and chest but with a tulip skirt.)
Red plaid from H&M with ¾ sleeves that can be left as they are or pushed up to become puffed
A striped, knee-length, pinafore dress by Hengst. This was on sale and is, essentially, a summer dress but I'm looking forward to layering it during the colder months.

I think I can safely say that I have now reversed any dress shortage in my closet and must stop this madness before it goes on.


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