Love is like...

"Love is like a Rubix Cube, there are countless numbers of wrong twists and turns, but when you get it right, it looks perfect no matter what way you look at it" - Brian Cramer

I'll raise my hand in the air now and admit that despite spending an unhealthy amount of time during my childhood on the attempt I was never able to successfully unscramble a Rubik's Cube. My level of frustration was so great that at one point I broke the cube into its component cube-lets...laid the pieces out on the floor...and reassembled them into their virgin form. It was cheating but, by that point, it was an either/or either I saved my sanity with a little creative DIY...or I went crazy and spent the rest of my life demonically twisting the little swine and getting excited when three blocks of the same color magically became aligned.

Which means that I should probably avoid all things Rubik's like the plague much trouble could I get into with a pepper mill?



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  • enc said...
    9:25 PM
    Not much, I'd venture. This looks like it only turns one direction, and only the top layer of cubes seem to move.

    I'd like to see you take it apart, though!

    (I was never able to unscramble one of those things, either.)
  • *gemmifer* said...
    11:26 AM
    I love this! Like you, the only way I was able to "solve" the Rubik's Cube was to pull it apart and put it back together in the correct way. I never could understand how (or why) some people learned to solve it in seconds or blindfolded.
  • flytouch 3 said...
    4:02 AM
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