"Run rabbit - run rabbit - Run! Run! Run!
Don't give the farmer his fun! Fun! Fun!
He'll get by
Without his rabbit pie
So run rabbit - run rabbit - Run! Run! Run!"
- Flanagan and Allen

While I'm not 100% in love with the execution of this jacket (why give the jacket itself a polyester lining and the rabbit fur liner a silk one?)...I'm smitten by the idea behind it. I sense an eBay quest in my near future...for something old and ratty and furry that I can hack into pieces and stuff inside one of the numerous plain black jackets hanging in my closet.Photobucket


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  • enc said...
    9:51 AM
    Good question! Why not run silk all throughout the lining, instead of trying to cut costs with polyester? I bet you could come up with a great hybrid jacket if you had enough raw materials.
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