"The sun has gone to bed and so must I" - Gretl, The Sound of Music


Summer...though not officially over…has been given the obligatory handshake and accompanying verbal brush-off “it’s been fun, let’s make plans to get together next year” that is Labor Day. So far I’ve managed to consume the obligatory Labor Day BBQ…and take part in that other great seasonal activity, the "3-day additional sale markdown" during which all the items that you’ve lusted over during the summer have been reduced to the extent that the only remaining obstacle standing between you and them is the question of whether they have any sort of longevity through fall and winter or are the sort of one-season pariah that you can count yourself lucky to have avoided.

Falling under the category of "objects of lust that have finally been reduced to a sum that doesn't give me palpitations" are these "Roy Orbison" sunglasses. Part of the collection that Rodarte did for Opening Ceremony they fulfill the craving for taupe-y framed sunnies that has been with me for most of the summer yet have a timeless quality that makes me think that I won't regret this final summer fling.


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