Buckle Up!

I really liked the idea...though not the price-tag...behind this Maison Martin Margiela t-shirt. Mainly because I know, when the weather gets really hot, I'll be wearing t-shirts...which can be, let's face it, a little generic. But now I'll be digging in my jewelry drawer to find the plain leather buckle bracelets I know are hiding in there somewhere and doing a little DIY.



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  • WendyB said...
    7:49 PM
    Cute. I like an asymmetric look.
  • Elizabeth said...
    8:00 PM
    That's a great DIY project, and if you do undertake it, you can apply it to any top you have, not just the one they're selling.
  • bess said...
    11:07 AM
    this is genius!

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