"I walked beside the evening sea and dreamed a dream that could not be; the waves that plunged along the shore said only: "Dreamer, dream no more!"- George William Curtis

Continuing on from last week's circus related post I had been going to draw your attention to a little tchotchke from Rodarte...namely their circus charm necklace. At least, I would have liked to but the picture of this particular neck adornment is no longer up on Barney's website so I can only assume it's been sold. Instead, I ask you to feast your eye on the similar (except aquatic rather than circus-y) Jacques Cousteau Charm Necklace...squint your eyes and try to image clown heads instead of sunken ships...and to then ask yourself, "would I pay $1,875 for something I could make after a visit to my local joke shop?"Photobucket

Clearly, for at least one person with an extreme lack of concern for such paltry considerations as paying the rent, the answer is a resounding yes...how about you?


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  • Jennifer said...
    9:53 PM
    Not in a million years, not if I had endless millions of dollars. Tchotchkes on a chain... well, at least they're giving their mother some work creating the necklaces.

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