"Strange, that some of us, with quick alternate vision, see beyond our infatuations, and even while we rave on the heights, behold the wide plain where our persistent self pauses and awaits us" - George Eliot

I was initially going to compare my longing for Madewell's city slouch trouser jeans to the three stages of a relationship...starting, quite naturally, with infatuation...but then I got to stage two, power struggle, and realized that pretty much summed it up.

For pretty soon after the dizzy whirl of passion had faded a little I found that I had entered resistance...where the little voice inside my head was pointing out that there might be a smidgeon of mom-jean in their design...a niggling doubt affirmed by the side view (at which point I had entered resentment and was asking myself why you'd show such an unflattering side view of a product you were trying to sell)...quickly followed by the picture of the rear view...and rejection. Love, despite what others may tell you, dies right about the time you realize that even the model's derriere looks wide in those pants...


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  • Carlene said...
    8:06 AM
    That. Is funny. Even more so because I looked at those very jeans last night and thought the same thing.
  • WendyB said...
    8:09 PM
    These are cute!

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