"How much is that doggie in the window?"

Back in my mid-teens...a time when every kid is looking for a way to augment their pocket money...I made teddybears. Comfortingly pudgy...6" tall...tweed teddybears...which, despite their slight lopsidedness and generally homemade appearance, sold rather well. Until now these manifestations of a childhood sewing fixation were embedded in the darkest reaches of my memory...a virtual attic where things are stored under the theory that "they may become useful one day".

They were yanked into the forefront of my mind, however, when I caught sight of Erdem's dachshund...the same wonkyiness and general DIY aspect...all for (and here's where the similarity ends) the somewhat alarming pricetag of $270. I think I need to try and find my old sewing patterns...



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  • The Tote Trove said...
    3:08 PM
    This dog is pretty cute, if pricey. Sometimes I'm amazed by the how much some stuff goes for on sites like Etsy. (Even though I myself am an Etsy seller.) You should definitely reconnect with your childhood seamstress self, though - especially since you were successful!

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