"I have never known a really chic woman whose appearance was not, in large part, an outward reflection of her inner self." - unknown

Four little words...they could be "I love you...deeply" and, in a way, they are...for that was what I felt when I read the description of Sofia Coppola's outfit in an article in the January issue of UK Vogue...but, moreover, those four little words were a summation of my ultimate wardrobe.

Casual...witty...chic...expensive(?). Alright, I disagree with the 4th word being an absolute necessity but, as they say, "three out of four ain't bad".


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  • Rollergirl said...
    8:24 AM
    Hah, I read it too!
  • mainlymilitary said...
    8:19 AM
    Well, I don't really think it will work.

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