"No longer are her invitations sought and fought for eagerly, Her parties once so popular are now attended meagerly, A blunder unforgivable made life no longer livable, For she served the sparkling burgundy in glasses made for port" - unknown

At this point I really can't decide if Moda Operandi...the online trunk-show-format retail venture conceived by Vogue contributing editor Lauren Santo Domingo and ex–Gilt Grouper Aslaug Magnusdottir...is a sign of things to come...or just an extraordinarily bad idea.

The photography is good...detailed close-ups that really allow you get a feel for the fabric...free worldwide shipping...and stylists available 24/7 via phone or email (though I dare anyone to try calling at 3am to get an opinion on a dress).

BUT (big, fully capitalized, "but")...there are so many things to turn the prospective purchaser off...only a few days to make a decision...once that decision is made (not easy given the expense of most of the things on the site), you pay 50% of the total amount, then see nothing for months...and a VERY (oh dear, there's a lot of capitalization today) stringent return policy...returns on apparel and footwear only and, even then, only for a store credit. If the handbag/jewelry/watch/wallet/or myriad of other paraphernalia that you purchased doesn't live up to expectations, you're stuck with it.

BUT #2...there are some truly lovely pieces on the site. These suede boots from Parisienne designer Laurence Dacade literally left me staring at my screen...despite the ludicrous idea of buying extremely expensive suede boots to trot around in during the wet and dreary winter months...AND...my acknowledged inability to manoeuvre in any heel higher than an inch.


Such was the madness that they induced I found myself browsing for other Dacade designs from this season...only to fall in love with an equally unwearable (from my perspective) pair in studded grey suede...going so far as to put together prospective outfits utilizing them...


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