"There are few situations in life that cannot be resolved promptly, and to the satisfaction of all concerned, by either suicide, a bag of gold, or thrusting a despised antagonist over a precipice on a dark night" - Ernest Bramah

Frequent readers...or infrequent readers who have the bad luck to check-in on one of my whine-y days...will know that I travel a fair bit for work. Which leads to searches for the best (from both a visual and utilitarian perspective) suitcase...toiletries bag...and any other mobile dumping grounds that would make life easier.

I thought...back in 2009...that my computer/technology toting needs were taken care of. But, while I still adore the lovechild of Eley Kishimoto and Eastpak...and loathed as I am to admit it...it's killing me. As a skirt wearer for a good 90% of the time I can attest to the fact that heavy, cross-body bag and skirt is a combination destined to end badly...walk too fast and your skirt will start creeping up your leg in a most determined manner. Take the risk of flashing the airport...and add in the issue of everything seeming heavier when it's slung across the torso...and it's looking like the lovechild is going to be used for storage at home (where, at the very least, I can still enjoy the fabric).

Which means that I am (once again) hunting for that mythical creature...a bag that is large enough to carry laptop, camera, speakers, external hard-drive, all their attendant cords, and a selection of notebooks and pens. Oh, and not be so heavy when empty that I dislocate my shoulder once I've stowed everything away inside it. Oh (part 2), it also has to look nice (shallow, but, what can you do?)

This particular search, I have a feeling, will not be a fast one. Which is why I was very pleased to find a temporary solution in the children's area at Ikea...massive, striped cotton, with handles for both hand and shoulder...it was a steal for $5.99...and the lack of closure will be taken care of once I add a zip. The only minor irritation...that the Riri zipper I plan on using (navy herringbone tape with antique brass metal pull and teeth) costs three times the price of the bag...



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  • Paul said...
    6:41 AM
    Kind crazy thing.. I found you in http://www.wefeelfine.org Among TRIZILLION hundred people. And... TCHAM chammmmmmm got your blog... so.. Hello you.

    BTW was looking for "I feel alone"
    So .. Nice to meet you.
    I'm Paul
  • Anonymous said...
    2:14 AM
    Try the duck bag from this site:
    http://baggubag.com/#Shop. You'd still have to add a zipper.

    I like your style/skull jewelry fixation - I pop onto here every now and again to catch up.

    Good luck on your quest - the perfect carry on has eluded me as well. I believe it exists...somewhere. Most likely in a shop I can't afford...

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