"Apparent failure may hold in its rough shell the germs of a success that will blossom in time, and bear fruit throughout eternity" - unknown

Number two in the series...things to do with fruit when you can't face another piece in regular fruit form...and have no intention of dying of heat stroke by turning on the oven. That's right, it's mousse time.

Even better than the actual mousse...not bad...bit too jelly-ish...definitely a "work in progress"...was the fact that it enabled me to use a Victorian jelly mould that I've owned for years, but never actually cooked with.

Summer...strawberries...and sea shells...what more could you ask for? Apart from an end to the heat wave, that is.


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  • Jennifer said...
    1:43 PM
    It looks delicious and refreshing, but don't leave it out too long in this weather... you'll end up with a pool of gelatin.

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