All Tied Up

I’m sure I mentioned in a previous post that, when it comes to jewelry, I’m a silver girl. So much so that I’ve actually turned down gifts of gold jewelry (I know…that’s a definition of insanity). So, my first thought when I started ogling these gold bracelets was “am I coming down with something?”...but the feeling persisted.
So, without sounding too Goldilocks...the dream cuff on the upper right by Chanel is too expensive...the one from Anthropologie on the lower right is not luxe enough...but the two Lara Bohinc bracelets on the bottom are just right.


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  • ambika said...
    12:37 PM
    I love the texture of these more than anything. I'm not sure if they would be as appealing in another metal (perhaps too industrial looking?) but I really love the textile look of them.
  • site said...
    9:04 AM
    Oh my god, there is a great deal of worthwhile data above!

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