The price is right...or not

I'd seen Louis Vuitton's "hybrid" bag in magazines and on websites but hadn't seen the price. Then I looked through the March issue of Nylon and saw...$38,000.

As Nylon is one of theose magazines that doesn't list prices for items and follows the maxim of "if you have to can't afford it" I assumed that a zero had been added and the correct price was $3,800. Imagine my horror when I opened the March issue of Bazaar and saw the same bag with the same, awe inspiring price tag. I just don't understand.

Is the price based upon the fact that the bag would actually have to be hand-crafted? And now that LV has changed its production methods...and a bag which once too eight days to create can be made in one day...well, I bet Frankenstein needed longer than this case though, I think I prefered the monster.


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