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Back from New York (just) and a quick update post is in order. I'm going to leave purchases for a separate entry in the next day or so...suffice to say, some of the sales were still on and had reached desperation level (three or four red numbers crossed out and getting gradually smaller). I was bad...but in a way that allows for justification...mea culpa, mea culpa, mea culpa.

Though we were based in Soho we walked everywhere...to The Conran Store on 59th, to Marc Jacobs on Bleecker Steet, to The Guggenheim on 89th...thank you APC crepe soled boots for allowing me to walk this much and still be able to stand...

On the best dressed list streetstyle-wise were the men...hipsters in multi-hued Cons...incredibly sharp Japanese men...and one greying, middle aged man who had succumbed to premature balding in a new way; a mohawk! Sadly, I didn't see too many women's looks that made me envious. There were some beautiful bags but all too often they were worn with dull outfits.

So, for now, a few of my favorite images...

McQ posters run amok




looking at the frozen Hudson


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  • ma vie en rose said...
    9:46 AM
    love the photos, I hope you had a good time! I'm looking forward to hearing more about your trip - I'm actually leaving for NYC tomorrow night. What were your favorite things that you saw? (stores, museums, etc.)
  • Flashy_Shades said...
    3:02 PM
    i like your photos quite a bit. what were your fashion week highlights?
  • 7:02 PM
    I love your artistic photos! Sounds like you had a good time.

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