"First things first, but not necessarily in that order" - Doctor Who

With our trip to New York looming on the horizon I have moved into "list" mode...a list of stores that I want to hit, a list of things I want to look out for, and, most importantly, a list of clothes to pack and wear. I've made clothing lists since I was a child...and I still don't know if it's a good thing or not. It helps to clarify what I'm going to wear but it doesn't stop me packing way more stuff than I actually need.

As it's February, the biggest decision is outerwear. Realistically I can only take one coat-and-bag combo so they have to be multi-taskers. I've narrowed my choices down to two...a Benetton tweed coat and vintage Paul Costelloe messenger bag or a blue See by Chloe coat and a Balenciaga multi-pocket bag. At the moment the tweed is in second place, it's a great coat but a little "busy" to wear several days in a row. Run into the same people a couple of times and all of a sudden you're "the person in that coat".

Okay, so I've narrowed down my outer garment selection...now all I have to do is decide what other clothes to take...


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  • ambika said...
    5:20 PM
    Gosh, I like these both. I'm more drawn to the blue (but I always am with that color). No wonder you can't make up your mind, tho :)
  • Style Scout said...
    2:50 AM

    It has to be the blue for all the reasons you explained, Robert from London
  • site said...
    5:06 AM
    A great deal of worthwhile data for me!

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