Tee-se me! Thrill me!

I admit that I'm somewhat of a nerd...so Luella's "GEEK" t-shirt has my name written all over it (if you'll pardon the pun). Or to be 100% accurate...another DIY project is in the works and a black t-shirt and some iron-on lettering will be getting together soon on my kitchen table. If I could make the rest of the outfit I would, but you have to realize your limitations. For me though, this is one of those perfect summer outfits...just the right mixture of pretty and punk...high and low...and not a pocket protector in sight.

Background - The Fashion of Terror t-shirt from Threadless, card print t-shirt by Chloe, deer print tank by Chloe, safety net t-shirt by Marc by Marc Jacobs.


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