"Here's the rule for bargains: 'Do other men, for they would do you.' That's the true business precept." - Charles Dickens

This definitely falls under the "curiosity killed Aunt Agatha's feline friend" category but the slew of emails that I've received...all trying to lure me of out my warm bed on what promises to be a distinctly cold and dreary morning...so that I can battle other Black Friday shoppers in the war to find the perfect bargain...has prompted me to check if anyone actually felt it worthwhile to get up at some ungodly hour and go shopping?Photobucket

Of course I realize that by the time this post appears any truly dedicated bargain hunters will either be busily wiping the blood of vanquished foes off their (heavily reduced) new shoes...or continuing to take part in the great cheap cashmere war of '09...but I still pose the question. Was the lure of 25% of one item of your choosing enough to compel you to stand shivering on the sidewalk at 5am waiting for H&M to open? Did the offer of 25% off sale merchandise cause you to run towards Club Monaco like a child into it's mothers arms? Most importantly, did you follow Dickens' advice?


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  • *gemmifer* said...
    10:13 PM
    NEVER! Black Friday is a scary event, and I stay faaaar away from chain stores and malls.

    My sister is in from SF and we spent the day walking around her old neighborhood of Park Slope, browsing the independent stores like Matter, Cog & Pearl, and The Clay Pot. Much more fun and, though busy, not ridiculously crowded. Also nice to support some small businesses!

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