One man's trash is another man's treasure

I mentioned my cold weather nesting instinct a little while ago...something that I think is fairly normal...the disturbing thing is that my c.w.n. appears to have taken the form of a single minded fixation on napkins (hitherto mentally categorized as 'one of the most boring things in the world it's possible to do with fabric'). The latest incarnation that I found however was so delightfully bizarre, yet vaguely useful, that I wanted to mention it.

MYdraps are...cotton or linen napkins...on a roll. According to their website they are "for single use or to be washed and used again"...I'm not quite sure about that...but the idea of napkins-on-a-roll is so novel that I don't really care (especially as they come in a slew of colors including bubblegum, aubergine, and carmine red). Sadly they only seem to be available currently in Spain so I'll have to contain myself until they find a web/US distributor.



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