"Through tattered clothes small vices do appear; Robes and fur'd gowns hide them all - William Shakespeare

I've mentioned rabbit fur in several posts recently...it was therefore only a matter of time before something in the family Leporidae made its way into my closet...though what I ended up with wasn't quite in the form I'd originally envisioned (i.e. my thoughts were more in the luxe scarf direction and less in the 'slightly bizarre lovechild of Amelia Earhart and Elmer Fudd' category).

Yet, after a trip to Orvis to pick up some Thornproof Dressing for Mr. Heb's Barbour, that's exactly what I ended up with...a leather and fur aviator hat. As someone who has suffered through numerous winters...battling subzero wind chills with only a knit cap between my scalp and the elements...this is the kind of cute yet practical headgear I've been yearning for...



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