Vanity, thy name is...Hebden

Having decided that a little exercise may not be such a bad thing (thanks to whatever boffin at Hagen Daz invented their Sticky Toffee Pudding ice cream) I dragged my bicycle out of storage and had it tuned up, only to realize that the majority of bicycle helmets out there are...hideous.

I know they're necessary...I know they could save my life...and I know it's incredibly vain under these circumstances to want something that is neither pink, nor patterned, nor featuring various visors and fins but there it is. Thankfully I came across the Faction helmet, designed for use by BMX-ers and skateboarders it resembles a WWII motorcycle helmet and, in matte black, I love it.

Which means that the only unresolved question is bicycle bell or horn...?


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  • editor said...
    2:12 PM
    this is truly useful!
    i HATE bike helmets. found a retailer by me who carries them. thank you.
  • Jennifer said...
    8:48 PM
    Not the main point of your post, but I believe that your favorite Hagen Daz flavor was created by a contestant in a competition they held at the company a few years ago. Wish I could have been a judge in that contest!
  • enc said...
    12:11 AM
    Horn seems more subversive, possibly to match your helmet.
  • Mina said...
    5:55 AM
    I am having the same problem finding a bike helmet that I like but that would also suit the bike I ride aswell - my husband has this bike:
    and he bought the same helmet you bought - my bike is this one:
    so I am thinking about buying this brown version of the helmet:
  • hebden said...
    7:27 AM
    editor - glad to be of service!

    jennifer - interesting to learn how my arch nemesis was created

    enc - one vote for horn noted (actually it's two as Mr. Heb was a horn vote as well)

    mina - your husband and I have pretty similar bikes...glad to see that more people are going for the gearless/back pedal to brake/retro models.

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