“Well, if you're tattooed on your face or your arms ... where people can see it ... most employers probably would not hire you.” - Laura Bush

I'd never get a tattoo...due to a low pain threshold...and the over-riding question of what, say, a 3" blue M&M would look like on my upper arm when I'm an old age pensioner (a question which has to occur to Marc Jacobs at some point in time). I am, however, all for temporary tattoos...the cheesier the better...like this To Do List one...useful if you're anally retentive and like to write notes on your hands.



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  • WendyB said...
    9:16 AM
    Ha, I've been known to write notes like that on my hand. And LOL @ the quote. She left out "neck." Once you get a neck tattoo, you are committed to a career path outside the corporate world.
  • enc said...
    10:36 AM
    This would be perfect for Mr.OM!
  • Naomi said...
    4:38 AM
    thats hillarious!

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