"The way you overcome shyness is to become so wrapped up in something that you forget to be afraid" - Claudia Lady Bird Johnson

You may...at least if you've been web wandering around the same sites as I have...have been reading quite a bit about spring's "turban trend" recently. You've probably been assured (in 500 words or less) that a turban will make you appear sophisticated...exotic...a woman of the world. Up until a couple of months ago I may have fallen for all the rhetoric. Of course, that was before I bought a knitted turban beanie...though, let's face it, the unlikely juxtaposition of beanie and turban should have alerted me to potential problems.

The t.b. arrived...and was beautifully soft. I could even...in those first, few, heady days...think of it as vaguely soignée. Then I wore it out with Mr. Heb, who...after a few covert, yet startled, glances...asked why I'd wrapped a scarf around my head (aka the question that makes you realize that fantasy and reality are two separate worlds).



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