"O deck her forth with thy fair fingers" - William Blake, To Spring (1783)

Spring...if I have to step outside and brave the arctic winds and snow flurries...or check the almanac...or try to find any plant hardy enough to tantalize with a little bud action...has not arrived yet.

Spring...if I look at my fingernails...is here. For those ten digits are basking in a Belle de Jour-ish tone from essie's spring collection entitled sand tropez (finally a terrible pun appears on this blog and I am not the perpetrator!) Such a balmy state of euphoria has been induced by this one little bottle of sandy beige goo that I'm tempted to throw caution (and several other things) to the winds and leave my thermal gloves at home...Photobucket


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  • sight said...
    4:51 AM
    What a beautiful colour, I would feel Spring like too with my nails painted in that shade!
  • The Tote Trove said...
    12:02 PM
    I'm with you; the snow and the sweaters have got to stop. And you can always count on a nailpolish name for a good pun :)

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