"Coco always borrowed from the boys" - Karl Lagerfeld

If you look under the letter S in Sir Hardy Amies' classic tome "ABC of Men's Fashion" you will find (somewhat unsurprisingly I admit) the heading "Shirt". Dig a little deeper and you'll uncover the information that said shirt "is the most important garment in a man's complete costume after the suit. The rough surface of the wool of the suit relies on the smooth cool fabric of the shirt to provide a contrast...such contrasts of texture play an important part in the achievement of a pleasing appearance."Photobucket
A thought that could apply equally well to this little item from Carven...the striped cotton poplin has the quiet sobriety of a classic men's shirt...whilst the twisting and draping carries a slight suggestion of rumpled bed linen and afternoon dalliance (in a sweet, Audrey Hepburn, Love in the Afternoon kind of way)...woolen suit jacket, optional.


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