"Characters of the great Apocalypse...The types and symbols of Eternity...Of first, and last, and midst, and without end." - William Wordsworth

In the midst of what my local news is calling an "extremely dangerous" blizzard...20 inches of snow...60 mph wind gusts...even lightening...there is really only one place to be. At home...in the warm...sitting by the window...watching the snow fall. Oh, alright, you could spend your time with the four horsemen chortling over the weary mortals trying to drive in this mess...or the lunatic who lives near me who tried to use his snow-blower in the midst of a white-out...but it's much nicer to watch the flakes whirl around and the snow inch its way up the other side of the pane.

All to the accompaniment of some vintage television...and a densely scented candle. My current favorite is Archipelagos' Stonehenge...a blend of smoked cedarwood, bergamot, and amber. A heavy, sultry scent that would be too intense in warmer months but envelops you in a scented hug during the colder ones...



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