"All sin tends to be addictive, and the terminal point of addiction is what is called damnation" - W. H. Auden

Poor Mr. Creosote had an addiction...I can empathize. He thought one more indulgence couldn't hurt him...and though he was wrong, I can sympathize. There, however, we part ways...for whilst his Achilles heel was gastronomical in nature...mine is more of the striped variety.

Yes, that's right...my quest to find the perfect striped top has caused me to welcome one more example into my heart...and closet. This version...a slightly looser, linen-y, little number...with sleeves that can be buttoned at half mast...is from J Crew. Lightweight and perfect for summer, as Mr. Creosote would say "it is wafer thin".



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  • The Tote Trove said...
    8:47 AM
    My uncle thinks Mr. Creosote is hilarious and made me watch the clip when I was about 5. He showed it again recently (I'm now 29), but somehow it wasn't as funny. At any rate, I could really appreciate your Mr. Creosote tie in. I especially liked the part about the striped top being as lightweight as "one thin mint." Classic!
  • Hebden said...
    5:13 PM
    Thanks TTT! Even though it's a classic I was thinking I'd get some "what is this?" comments.
  • 4:39 PM
    This won't really have effect, I think so.

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