"I've waffled before. I'll waffle again." - Howard Dean

I know that every addict swears that "this is their last hit" but...honestly...this is...no more sweaters will enter the Hebden closet this year (acts of God, as the insurance companies say, withstanding). Though...really...faced with waffled cashmere...caramel hued...and with a zip at each side of the neckline...what was I supposed to do? Especially when the twin devils...a 20% discount and free shipping (am I the only one who feels like a successful hunter when I manage to track down a discount code online?)...were whispering in each ear.



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  • Jennifer said...
    9:15 PM
    I've had this page folded down in my catalog for weeks; sadly even with the discount and shipping incentives it's still out of my budget right now. Maybe I'll luck out in their sale.

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