Bound together for eternity...and a trip to Reno

"People named John and Mary never divorce. For better or for worse, in madness and in saneness, they seem bound together for eternity by their rudimentary nomenclature. They may loathe and despise one another, quarrel, weep, and commit mayhem, but they are not free to divorce. Tom, Dick, and Harry can go to Reno on a whim, but nothing short of death can separate John and Mary." - John Cheever

In one of those quirks of fate (and timing) that happen every so often, the main events on my calendar this weekend are a wedding (on Saturday) and a flight to Reno (on Sunday)...they're not connected but I'm still not going to mention it to the blushing bride or groom lest they think it's unlucky.

I mentioned a while ago that I rarely attend weddings...and, because of this, never know what to wear. I suppose that, technically, I should be in pastels...looking like a refugee from the Easter bunny parade...but I didn't want to buy something new (that I'd never wear again) for a few hours wear amidst the chilled shrimp and sugared almonds...which means that I'm counting on the one bright jacket in my wardrobe to blind people sufficiently so that they fail to notice the grey and black beneath. We'll see if the master plan works...

Linen jacket - APC, linen dress - VDC, lace turtleneck - H&M, felt and jet collar - made by me, lace tights, rubber flats - Sigerson Morrison, bag - vintage


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