"The undressed is vulgar - the nude is pure" - Robert Green Ingersoll

Another entry in the quest for nude...which really should be the title of a 1950's pulp fiction detective novel...but which is really a variance on my current fixation with all things beige. This time it's nail polish...a (God help me for saying this as it's sounding chav-tastic in my head) rather spiffy peachy-beige-with-a-hint-of-shimmer from Sally Hansen.

Go figure, Chanel's Particulière made me look like I had a disease...while the $4.99 random drugstore pick-up works...which probably says less about Chanel than the vagaries of my corpse-like skin tones.

The only downside...possibly because this is "Insta-dri", and they were going for speed of application, is the brush...which is massive...and better suited to house painting than trying to maneuver round one's pinkie.


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