"I find my familiarity with thee has bred contempt." - Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra

Familiarity may, indeed, breed contempt...though personally, when faced with the barrage of discount coupons from Gap which hit my inbox with disturbing regularity, the feeling was more that of lethargic inertia. I knew, you see, that I was going to be offered 10-30% off on an almost weekly basis...in much the same way as I knew that there wasn’t really anything that I wanted to buy.

And that’s how things stood...until yesterday...when I wandered into the Gap and found this denim shirtdress, drop-waisted and exuding an almost Isabel Marant-ish French girl vibe. Already on sale (unsurprising considering the dress was knee length on my 5’11” frame) its appeal was further assisted by the 30% off coupon I’d received earlier in the day.

Sold...to the lowest bidder. Of course...you know how it is...once you've grabbed a bargain the floodgates are opened to other potential purchases. In this case, a python printed chiffon scarf from Club Monaco...yet another bit of beige to slither its way into my wardrobe.


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