"A bracelet of bright hair about the bone." - John Donne

Around this time of year, the mind (if it's anything like mine) turns to thoughts of summer jewelry...mainly bracelets...that fulfill the conditions of being cheap (and therefore not worth shedding a tear over when they inevitably become coated with sunscreen and destined for the trash) yet something that you actually want to wear. Like...this rope and rhinestone bracelet from Urban Outfitters...an $18 take on something that I've seen for much higher prices though, personally, I'd dye the rope blush pink...grass green...or that dark blue grey that the sea turns just before a storm.


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  • Jennifer said...
    1:03 PM
    That's very cute! I agree it would be more interesting if the rope were dyed. I especially like the idea of the stormy blue. Photos please, if you decide to take on the craft project.
  • 生氣 said...
    3:09 PM

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