"...flourish like the palm tree and grow like the cedar in Lebanon" - Psalm 92:12

Generally...when you read about the inspiration for perfumes...you're bombarded by references to flowers, or sexuality, or the like...but you rarely hear that the scent was inspired by an exiled political leader. Yet that's the case with the Shigenobu Twilight Perfume by Anicka Yi & Maggie Peng.

The description for the perfume runs along traditional lines..."composed of cedar wood as its base note along with unusual top notes of yuzu fruit, shiso leaf and black pepper as well as hinoki, violet leaf and nutty heart notes"...the packaging...a unique, sculptural block of hand-cut cedar...catches your eye...but your attention is held (at least, mine was) by the fact that the scent is named after Fusako Shigenobu...founder and former leader of the Japanese Red Army...who was exiled in Lebanon (hence the cedar 'bottle' and bases note).



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  • Jennifer said...
    6:13 PM
    It sounds (smells?) like it must be a great fragrance. I'd love to experience it in person.
  • 3:03 AM
    Well, I do not actually believe it is likely to have success.

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