"Law of inflation: whatever goes up will go up some more" - unknown

You can tell how many years have passed since you bought a specific item (even if, like me, you are disturbingly bad with dates...anniversaries...or any form of calendar-based remembrance) when something that, at the time, struck you as expensive and caused pangs of purchase guilt is transformed into a "bargain" when measured against its modern brethren.

Case in point, my over-sized Prada sunglasses...bought, after much angst-ridden soul searching (and checking of funding) probably longer ago than I think...worn incessantly ever since...much beloved...


...and pretty much fixed in my mind as "the most expensive sunglasses that I would lust over". Fast forward to the present...and these tortoiseshell beauties from Paris-based model-turned-designer Emmanuelle Khanh...


Yours...though definitely not mine...for the low, low price of five hundred and ten dollars. At what point, I have to ask, did sunglasses become so expensive?


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  • annemarie said...
    9:19 PM
    ...since they realized consumers were idiots.

    However, sunglasses are very important. They help prevent wrinkles. And we wear them ON OUR FACE. Therefore, it's an expense I justify.

    But $500 is the most I have ever heard of for a pair of plastic sunglasses. I tried a pair once, over-sized snakeskin covered Ralph Lauren's, and was on the cusp ("I LOVE them! I don't CARE how much the cost!") until I saw that they were over $600.

    After reading this post, they now seem like a bargain.

    Get yourself a pair of Super sunglasses instead-- they are cheap, well-made, and cooler than these ones, imo.
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    3:10 AM
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