"We still get around cities the way the Greeks did 5,000 years ago; they put on sandals, we put on sneakers." - Dean Kamen

After altogether too much to-ing and fro-ing I think I have finally laid the "Great Sneaker Quest of 2010" to rest. At this point I feel like a cross between Jason (taking a break from gadding about with the Argonauts to do a little shoe shopping)...and Goldilocks (altogether too picky and a bit of a pain in the neck)...having veered from my trusty Converse (still beloved but something that I need a break from)...to leather sneakers...and all manner of styles in between.

The "winner"...medium gray tennis shoes from Bensimon (aka the French girl's Converse)...less of a complete change...more of a side-step across borders...whose old school, retro charm feels like it will work well with the majority of my warm weather clothes.

At this rate I'll have figured out my summer wardrobe sometime around the year 2031...



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