"A man is about thirty-eight before he stockpiles enough socks to be able to get one matching pair" - Merrily Harpur

Just when you thought you had heard of...been sent cards for...or bought themed candy to celebrate...every nonsensical holiday that could possibly exist...you discover that May 9th is (wait for it) Lost Sock Memorial Day. I can only imagine that it's just a matter of time before "stain that won't come out no matter how much bleach I use" and "I swear, this shrank in the wash" days are added to the calendar.

Be that as it may, in celebration of this...um...'special' day...I'm including the following plea from a member of The Pigeon Club of New York City...and a question..."why is it always the good socks that go missing?"...no one ever seems to lose the sock-with-a-massive-hole-in-it-that-they're-too-lazy-to-throw-away...



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