"Don't know why there's no sun up in the sky..."

Time for another useful (exclamation...question mark) post...it's like a riddle "when does the practical become the covetable?" It can happen, as previously mentioned, with Herm├Ęs bracelets...it also happens when you take a length of durable water repellent fabric and enough drawstrings and toggles to strike envy into the heart of even the most pious boy scout and use them to create a dress whose ruching has the potential to be decidedly Baroque (in a muted way). I say 'potential' because all those drawstrings allow the wearer to adjust the length (and amount of swagging).

So...in a monsoon you can go long and plain for maximum rain protection...whilst in milder times short and swag-gy is a possibility.

Part of a collaboration between Slow and Steady Wins the Race and Portland's Stand Up Comedy...the range includes ponchos and shoes and is currently (and, as someone who's been diligently checking their site on a weekly basis waiting for it to happen, may I say finally) on sale. Thereby providing a spot of sunshine amidst all the rain we've been experiencing lately...



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