"I know I am, I'm sure I am..."

As I get ready to watch England play Germany in the World Cup I'm almost forced to inquire where everyone stands on the idea of 'women wearing sporting jerseys for teams with male players'...to clarify, I'm not talking about wearing a Nike shirt to go to the gym or a hockey shirt to sleep in...but, rather, showing your support for your team by wearing a) a small size of the men's jersey, b) buying the women's fit of the same, or c) buying the baby blue or pink (because they're always baby blue or pink because that's what we girls wear, right?) ladies shirt.

Personally, I can't do it. I'll pledge my team allegiance with a scarf, a beer glass, or a particularly fruity chant but not a shirt...which the British side of my mind firmly classes as chav-y...a slightly bizarre piece of thinking given that I'm perfectly willing to wear a St George's Cross flag as scarf/cape for the morning.



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  • dust said...
    1:23 PM
    Ha, ha, ha, Lidl and Aldi are everywhere, but this must be the strangest place I've ever had a chance to see them!

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