"Never say never, for if you live long enough, chances are you will not be able to abide by its restrictions." - Gloria Swanson

The only problem with making firm, declarative statements is that unless you are also strong-willed and single-minded (i.e. someone other than me) you end up having to back-pedal a little. So, when I recklessly declared that "I am not a sandals girl" I should...in actuality...have probably added a proviso or two along the way...

The amended, and about as firm as a bowl of jello, statement reads "I'm not a sandals girl except...when they have enough straps to ensure that my feet will actually stay inside the shoes (thereby alleviating the constant dread that self and shoe will part company at some point during the day)...that the aforementioned straps are heavily embellished with burnished gold sequins...that there's a satisfyingly chunky zip at the heel...and that they're on sale"...because, should all those criteria be met, it turns out that I am a sandal girl after all.





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  • Jessica said...
    3:16 AM
    gorgeous! where are they from? (I'm very much a sandal girl).
  • Hebden said...
    7:05 AM
    Thanks! They're from Zara.
  • 3:41 AM
    Very useful piece of writing, much thanks for your post.

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