What do you get when you cross a cowboy and a Hawaiian dancer?

I've always considered it somewhat of a mixed blessing that, from a fashion shopping perspective, my neighborhood is somewhat of a barren wasteland. On the one hand, I can venture out...safe in the knowledge that my sole financial expenditure will consist of some freshly ground coffee, the odd bottle of Chianti, or any of the other odds and ends that comprise the Hebden diet™. On the other, it's rare that I'll be able to say "I was running out to get some milk and stumbled across the quaintest little store".Photobucket

Until today...when I was walking down the street and passed the Goorin hat shop which had just opened in the 'hood. Though...as Goorin first began opened its doors in Pittsburgh in 1895...I feel the word emporium would be a better choice. Wooden floors...antique furniture...and a reasonably priced selection of cardboard hatboxes (a rather elusive beast for those who wish to store their hats in modest luxury)...I was a mere voyeur, content to watch Mr. Heb try on fedoras and hombergs, until I spotted a hybrid. Part cowboy hat...part Hawaiian beach party...it seemed a perfect addition to my summer wardrobe...





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  • Nina said...
    8:12 PM
    You mean to tell me you were in my hood and you didn't call? I actually bought a lovely black hat from them which I wear frequently. Next time gadget. Next time.

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