All bags great and small – Part I – the book bag

In several previous posts I’ve touched on my love of handbags but haven’t actually posted any pictures of my collection. This is something I need to rectify, if only to allow to give myself an online handbag rolodex.

So, I’ll start off with a sub-genre…the book bag, or magazine bag as I’ve also heard it called. These are my favorite cheap fix bag (of all the bags that I own in this style only one was expensive and I bought it on sale - see the Antoni & Allison "bourgeois" bag)….they combine useful and funky and manage to add a spark of interest to the most humdrum outfit. Unfortunately they don’t seem to be widely available in the US but when I’m in the UK I usually find one (or two) at Paperchase or Tate Modern and last time I was in London I also picked one up at Dover Street Market (probably the cheapest thing in the store).

The downside…well, they rarely have zips or other fasteners…so you have to be wary of pickpockets if you use them as a handbag.

Tate Modern bags - art and fashion

the "freebies" - heart bag from UK Elle, striped bag with badges a MJ gift with purchase

DSM bag

the Paperchase triumvirate


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  • michelle said...
    6:50 PM
    Love the striped MJ and the Paperchase bags. Is Paperchase available in the US?
  • chicwit said...
    8:50 PM
    Some Borders carry Paperchase products...and their website ( gives an international dialing code so I'm assuming you can order from there.
  • Anonymous said...
    1:06 AM
    Those are incredibly cute bags! I hear you on the insecurity item on my "to do" list is to add a clasp to my tote bags, which appears to be fairly doable.

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