Comfort me

This picture of Kate Moss chav-ing it up in the name of comedy got me thinking about so called "comfort dressing". Everytime I go out on the weekends I see numerous women in brightly colored, shapeless, tracksuits and I just cannot understand the appeal. Personally I haven't worn either half of a tracksuit since I was in school. I thought it was a hideous piece of clothing then and I was wearing it somewhat for the purpose it was originally designed (I've never been an athlete so I can't say I was giving it my all but I was jogging round a playing field and that has to count for something).

But enough of my reminisences, the question is...why choose something so uniquely unflattering? Bad in its basic form, even worse with wording on the derriere. There are plenty of clothing options that are comfortable and look good...jeans, cords, skirts, many choices.

Just say no to the Juicy!


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