All bags great and small – Part II – Balenciaga

When someone mentions Balenciaga handbags what generally comes to my mind are the motorcycle bags beloved by celebrities. While these bags are lovely they are just too ubiquitous for my taste. Isn’t one of the joys of fashion the ability to stand out as an individual?

For those of you who love the motorcycle bags though, and all other B-Bags, you could find no better resource for information than aterliernaff. This comprehensive site has everything…the styles, the colors, the detailed information to help you spot fakes.

Happily (for me), Balenciaga does realize that some people may be looking for something a little different. Equally fortuitous is that there don’t seem to be too many people who fall into that category as the two styles I have I found, on two different occasions, were heavily marked down (is there anything better than a really good “find” during the sales…is there?)

From the F/W 05 collection I have the East-West satchel in an incredibly soft, chestnut brown lambskin. This bag is great for travel…or those days when you just have to carry everything with you. The main body is lined in cotton and has one zip pocket and in one of the external pockets is the trademark leather covered mirror. I’ve crossed the Atlantic twice with this bag and used it regularly as a work bag (often in bad weather) and although there are a few scuffed or faded areas it’s holding up remarkably well. Plus, with this kind of bag I almost think it looks better when it’s gently worn.

The same cannot be said of the large, toffee colored, suede shoulder bag that I got from the S/S 06 collection. This is a true “luxury” bag…the suede is so beautiful that I am paranoid in case anything marks it and I only use the bag after I have checked the weather forecast online to make sure that no rain is scheduled. Apart from my neurotic behavior regarding stains the only other issue with this is the buckle closure…this is not a bag you open (or close) in a hurry. Fine if you’re a lady of leisure but not so good if you’re in line at the drugstore with 10 people behind you.


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